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The Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates condemns the Russian military attack on Ukraine.

By initiating such an aggressive war, Russia has grossly violated the prohibition on the use of force set out in Article 2 (4) of the United Nations Charter.
Russia's aggression against Ukraine is an international crime. We believe that Russia's top officials will be held accountable at both national and international levels.
We strongly support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we are at the heart of the Ukrainian people in this difficult situation.

Here is a letter from the Ukrainian Bar Association, which provides guidance on practical assistance in supporting the Ukrainian armed forces:

Dear colleagues,

I am speaking to you on behalf of the legal community of Ukraine which is also fighting, alongside Ukrainian army, the war that the Russian Federation started against Ukraine.

For 4 days now, Russian military troops are attacking all cities of Ukraine, destroying civilian infrastructure and residential buildings, killing civilians, among them children and elderly. The pretext for the military intervention is to «protect the Ukrainian people». However, the only purpose of armed aggression is to put pressure on the Government of Ukraine in order to influence Ukraine`s domestic and foreign policy.

The Russian Federation, supported by the self-proclaimed President of the Republic of Belarus, are openly violating all major principles of international law and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We, the lawyers of Ukraine, address foreign and international legal associations, organizations and personally every and each lawyer with an urge to help Ukraine to stop this war by:

If you wish to do even more, please see additional information on our website:

We believe that together we can truly make a difference.



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