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On 11.12.2020. 10 newly admitted advocates – Zane Akermane, Igors Dambrāns, Gatis Gailis, Kristīne Jarinovska, Kalvis Krūmiņš, Lauris Ķesteris, Eva Ķibermane, Gunta Miltiņa, Iveta Nikolājeva and Karīna Palkova gave the oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Aigars Strupišs.

They swore to be faithful to Latvia, to observe the State laws in good faith and with conviction, to treat the courts and national authority with respect, not to write and speak anything in their work as an advocate that could harm the State, society, family and morality, to honestly fulfil the duties of a sworn advocate, to defend the interests of their authorising persons or the interests of such persons whose cases they conduct, aware that they shall be liable for their actions before the Law.


Next Meeting of the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates - 19.12.2023.

11. Jan 2022
16:00-17:00 LZAP sēde

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